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Trendy and purposeful bags look better with your logo on the side! Our innovative lineup of branded tote bags comes in all shapes and styles, serving as the perfect backdrop for your company image. Tote bags are ideal for conventions, trade shows, gifts, and high-visibility advertising at every special event. You’ll find that our collection features something for every brand. 

Travel in Style With Custom Branded Tote Bags

A well-made branded tote bag doubles as an amazing fashion accessory. For the best in luxury appeal, we recommend branded tote bags with full-color laminate, multiple tones, or an innovative pattern that catches the eye and flows with modern trends. Put your logo on eco-friendly tote bags for your team or give them away as promotional products. Many of our branded travel bags also come with multi-sided advertising space, making it easy to boost your brand with eye-catching imagery that conveys professionalism and credibility wherever your company bag goes!

Our branded tote bag collection accommodates marketing and event goals of every kind. As your go-to resource for tote bags with your company logo, we can connect you with a range of resilient, woven styles for staff gifts, event giveaways, and higher-quality company swag. 

For budget-friendly marketing and a new outreach opportunity every time a customer walks through the doors, order a supply of custom bags to sell at the register or gift to clients as a loyalty reward. As part of your eco-friendly business image, offering eco-friendly tote bags with your company logo is also a great way to demonstrate your commitment to our communities and the planet. 

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Elevate Your Brand with Bry-Lex's Custom Tote Bags

Our personalized and designed-to-last branded tote bags can uplift your brand, every branded canvas tote bag, and one-of-a-kind promotional item you find at Bry-Lex comes with: 

  • Limitless design options: From minimalistic logo prints to captivating works of brand art, personalized excellence defines our easily-adjusted marketing products. Whether you want an eco-friendly promotional product, looking for a stylish branded canvas tote bag, or just sharing something your company branded, our family business is here to help.
  • Experienced advice to boost your outreach potential: As your full-service resource for the best in promotional creativity, our pros are here to stretch your budget further and maximize your outreach success. We have assisted countless companies with their successful marketing campaigns, and know exactly how to inspire customers and create a great impression with tote bags that capture the essence of your brand.
  • Fast, affordable, & accessible online service: When you need a bulk supply of quality tote bags for an event or incentive program on short notice, depend on our experts to deliver consistent quality every time.

Place Your Order With BRY-LEX Today

When you trust in our family team at Bry-Lex, honoring your goals becomes our priority with every order. Representing your image with excellence is a responsibility we take seriously, and every high-end image we imprint is a reflection of our dedication to precision. 

Whether you order 10 or 1,000 branded tote bags, our client-first business model always comes with: 

  • Free design consultations
  • Accessible customer support
  • Ease of order customization
  • Helpful tips to promote your brand more successfully!

While others only see a bag, we see a blank canvas with unlimited potential and the ability to establish an impression with clients, partners, and the community. With our insightful team backing your creative design, there’s no limit to the bold imagery and memorable company advertisements we can help you share with the world! 

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Tote Bags Provide Brand Exposure

Easy to see, convenient to use, and affordable for you, our tote bags are at the top of our promotional products for good reason.

Enhancing your forward-facing imagery has never been easier with more ways to make our cutting-edge promotional products your own. Our diverse branded and eco-friendly tote bags are among the best ways to showcase your company’s logo because: 

  • Earth-friendly products like canvas tote bags demonstrate that your company cares about the environment
  • Branded tote bags maximize brand visibility with larger print surfaces
  • Bulk promotional products like non-woven totes are easy to store and bring to events
  • Cost-effective tote bags can be shared with countless customers and guests for less
  • Well-made tote bags are used for a lifetime of grocery shopping, shopping mall visits, and everywhere else your clients or event attendees go! 

Ready to create your own 100% customized tote bags? Get in touch with our marketing experts and we’ll help you find the perfect tote styles! 

Industries That Use Branded Tote Bags

A tote bag is a great marketing tool and promotional product for businesses across various industries. If you’re searching for an eco-friendly way to market your company, versatile branded tote bags are both functional and powerful. 

Branded canvas bags are incredibly popular for retail and grocery stores. Whether you’re a small boutique, locally owned produce company, or a large fashion brand, you can leverage branded totes as your packaging material and your promotional product. Extend your brand’s visibility beyond your store while giving your customers an eco-friendly way to transport their purchases! 

Canvas tote bags are also great for businesses attending trade shows or other large events. Offer attendees a stylish bag branded with your company logo to carry event materials and ensure brand exposure long after the event ends. Other industries that can benefit from branded tote bags are schools and universities, book stores, health care facilities, and more

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Versatile Tote Bags with Transparent Pricing and Fast Shipping!

Excited to explore the limitless possibilities we can help you achieve with the stylish, functional, and multipurpose power of tote bags? All online orders feature transparent pricing, fast shipping, and more ways to bring out the best in your brand with our regularly-updated collection of high-end promotional products!