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Attract new clients, honor your staff, and impress your guests with our innovative selection of promotional products! Our catalog makes it easy to capture the essence of your brand, offering a memorable selection of merchandise, corporate gifts, and high-end promotional products to represent your image. Sourced for quality and easily personalized, our promotional products open the doors to exciting outreach and engagement possibilities. Premium merchandise can complement your business model in many ways, and helping you achieve your unique outreach goals is our dedication to every luxury product!
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Must-Have Promotional Products For Your Next Event

Remain at the forefront of your industry with the memorable impact of personalized merchandise! By upgrading your outreach with products that highlight your brand’s style and vision, every giveaway is more likely to leave a lasting impression. From luxurious corporate gifts to budget-friendly promotional products, sharing your custom logo comes with limitless possibilities at Bry-Lex. We are determined to help our clients reach the top of their respective industries, offering in-depth support from logo implementation ideas to curated product selection. 

Whether you are hoping to reach a wider audience or enrich existing client relations, here are some of our best promotional business products to help your small business thrive: 

  • Highest Visibility: T-shirts, tote bags, hats, and travel drinkware
  • Affordable Giveaways: Mugs and sunglasses
  • Special Gifts: Awards, luxury snacks, notebook gift sets, VIP pens, and flask sets 
  • Overall Value: Luggage tags, water bottles, socks, and office accessories

With your unique outreach plans in focus, our creative company will gladly help you find the perfect collection of customized products to help you impress clients and earn repeat business with greater success!


Discover How Bry-Lex Increases Brand Awareness

Welcome to Bry-Lex, where innovation, customization, and excellence converge to bring your promotional dreams to life. As a woman-owned and operated company proudly recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), we’ve been at the forefront of the promotional product industry for over 25 years.

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Bry-Lex is more than just a business; it’s a family tradition. For over a quarter of a century, we’ve nurtured a legacy of commitment, quality, and personal touch that sets us apart. Our family is dedicated to building lasting relationships with clients across the United States. While our roots are firmly planted in family values, our reach extends nationwide. Bry-Lex proudly serves clients from coast to coast, delivering tailored solutions that align with your unique vision and goals. Whether you’re a corporate giant or a boutique casino, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs.

Who We Work With

At Bry-Lex, we specialize in catering to a wide range of clients, including:
Loyalty Programs: Elevate your brand’s loyalty programs with our expertise, creating memorable experiences and rewards for your valued customers.
Casinos: From Comp points to VIP reward shopping events, retail projects, promotions, and online comp redemption programs, we know how to make your casino offerings stand out.
Corporate Companies: On the corporate side, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including sales incentives, employee recognition programs, company online stores, custom creative items, embroidery, silkscreen apparel, corporate gifts, golf outings, fundraisers, and more. We’ve got every angle covered to help you achieve your marketing and branding goals.

Accomplishments & Awards

Bry-Lex is proud to be one of the Philadelphia 100 fastest-growing companies, a testament to our dedication to growth and innovation in the industry. We were even featured in Style magazine, highlighting our family-owned business and our unique approach to promotional excellence.
When you choose Bry-Lex as your promotional partner, you’re choosing a company ready to take your vision to the next level. Our seasoned experts are ready to bring your ideas to life, creating promotional products and marketing solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Discover the Bry-Lex difference today and let us help you shine in the world of custom promotional products. Together, we’ll create a brighter, more memorable future for your brand.

The best brands in the world have earned their place at the top through targeted advertising and engaging outreach strategies. By uplifting your brand with a mix of innovative promotional products, a robust foundation of engagement can be established. Take the time to evaluate big-name brands like Coca-Cola or Nike, and you’ll quickly discover that physical promotional campaigns are a crucial element in many of the most successful marketing plans. 

When you elevate your reputation with creative promotional products in Philadelphia, your brand benefits from the following:

  • A positive first impression: The right business promotional products will make your name synonymous with quality and boost brand awareness. 
  • Low-cost advertising: Gift a cool t-shirt or stylish tote bag and your company name will be seen wherever your guests go! 
  • Constant marketing reminders: When you put promotional products into the hands of interested customers, they are more likely to become repeat clients. 
  • Improved customer relations: Generosity through corporate gifts and meaningful marketing products will show potential clients that you are professional and worth doing business with. 

Our expansive catalog of company swag, creative small business ideas, and business promotional products makes it easy to create a tailored outreach plan. If you need a bulk supply of high-end brand promotional products for an upcoming event, consider branded promotional products and corporate gifts with logos to jumpstart your marketing success. If you want to retain current customers and attract new ones, purchase a set of branded tote bags or tumblers and share them with your clients as part of your frequent-shopper reward program! 

For a boost to brand awareness and successful outreach, here are some of our popular and customizable promotional products in Las Vegas: 

  • Bottles
  • Sun Glasses
  • T-Shirts
  • Pens
  • Lip Balm
  • Wrist Bands

This is only a glimpse of the amazing collection we have to share! As you can see from these functional and affordable corporate branded gift ideas, our customizable merchandise combines the best of practical use with premium quality for branding ideas that are as useful as they are memorable. The quality of the promotional products with logos you choose matters, and supporting our partner companies with the finest quality is our promise with every budget-friendly merchandise order! 

Have questions about any of the luxury marketing items or corporate branded gifts you see in our catalog? For assistance with a personalized order, or advertising recommendations, or to explore innovative branding ideas with our experts, contact our family team and we’ll help you stand out today! 

Everyone enjoys being appreciated. When your guests, clients, and prospective partners are gifted with unique and well-designed products, your name becomes synonymous with value and generosity. 

In addition to the positive initial experience of receiving a customized gift, your company’s promotional products can generate new and repeat brand impressions for years to come. Satisfied customers will gladly use that free tote, shirt, or mug, resulting in ongoing exposure with zero additional marketing effort required. How many other marketing methods can boast that kind of long-term residual impact? 

Other benefits of sharing unique and thoughtful promotional business products include: 

  • Cost-effective outreach
  • Ease of targeting specific demographics
  • Reward programs incentivize repeat business
  • Ease of tracking campaign success
  • Excellent brand differentiation in today’s competitive marketplac

This is only a glimpse of the benefits and doors that can open with the right selection of luxury gifts and memorable product giveaways! To explore the limitless possibilities for your small business or growing brand, get in touch with our helpful experts for customized design services today! 

Promotional products are an appealing marketing campaign opportunity for many brands, though some may benefit from them more than others. They are a staple in various industries to increase brand recognition and customer engagement. Corporate businesses are among the top sectors that utilize branded-logo products and merchandise as a marketing tool. Corporations often order customized gifts to distribute at events, trade shows, or conferences to leave a lasting impression. Promotional products demonstrate large companies’ commitment to offering high end, innovative gifts, as well as customer satisfaction! 

Small businesses also utilize personalized promotional items to establish their brand identity and solidify customer loyalty. Customized merchandise gives small businesses a voice in the larger marketplace by offering unique and creative logo and branding ideas. Whether it’s a small custom item or a larger piece of branded equipment, promotional products are constant reminders of the business and its services. If you’re a small business owner, leverage the power of promotional products to enhance your marketing strategy and stand out! 

Industries in the luxury and high-end markets can also leverage premium promotional products. From custom-made goods to exclusive gift sets, branded products help in advertising a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. By investing in innovative promotional products, luxury brands can reinforce their brand image and attract more customers.

Depending on your brand, certain corporate merchandise may fit your corporate ethos better than others. For example, if your company is committed to sustainability, choosing a branded product that demonstrates that commitment is best. fit. We have a number of different types of high end premium products we have available in our catalog so you can find the best gifts customized for your needs!