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The power of branded pens combines the personal touch with practical outreach that is only possible with hands-on promotional products! If you’ve been searching for a creative way to engage new customers and reach a wider audience, branded promotional pens may be the cost-effective marketing solution your outreach strategy needs!

Looking For A Unique Way To Promote Your Business?

The enduring potential that comes with physical promotional products immediately stands out in today’s highly-digitized world. By sharing branded promotional pens and establishing a more personal experience with clients, guests, and partners, the result is: 

  • Long-term brand exposure: A quality pen can be used for years while circulating in the office, classroom, or home. As a result, a single pen can lead to dozens or even hundreds of unique brand impressions! 
  • Meaningful moments of generosity: Associate your brand with kindness, courtesy, and a client-first philosophy by sharing useful promotional pens with guests, customers, and staff. 
  • Amazing value for your investment: Dollar for dollar, it’s hard to beat promotional pens with your logo. With our affordable bulk supplies, our family company makes it easy to share your name far and wide. 

Elevating your company logo swag is our specialty, and our impressive collection makes it easy to craft a branding image that is attractive and inspiring. Your practical gifts will continue to have an impact long after you pass them out, and our higher-quality designs ensure that your branded promotional pens will remain in use for years to come! 

promotional pens with logo
branded promotional pens

Custom Branded Pens That Combine Quality & Practicality

Every product in our expansive catalog is sourced with durability and quality in mind. Your company logo belongs on products that function as great as they look, and we exclusively feature branded promotional pens that are produced with strict quality control processes and unrivaled imprinting precision. 

Regardless of online order size, all branded products and promotional pens with your logo come with our family company’s promise of: 

  • Free logo design support
  • Order accuracy & product consistency
  • Transparent pricing & discounts on larger quantities
  • Fast & trackable shipments
  • Helpful customer service before & after your order
  • More custom options than any other branding company online! 

How Do I Choose The Right Pen For My Business?

An investment in a superior pen style reflects positively on your brand and serves as a reminder of your client-first philosophy. While any branded pen can benefit your outreach, taking the time to refine your pen selection can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your company’s marketing plan. 

While browsing our diverse catalog of branded pens, here are some important factors to consider: 

  • Promotional pen budget: How much can you afford to invest in branded pens? Aim for a balance between pen quality, style, and affordability. 
  • Target audience: Who are you planning to share your pens with? Will you be giving away hundreds of pens at various events, or would you like to make memorable client impressions with higher-end pen sets?
  • Ideal brand Image: How would you like to portray your logo? Whether your brand is known for professionalism, elegance, or casual service, your pen should reflect that ethos. 
  • Functional use: Which pen style would you like to receive? By choosing a pen that your clients or business partners will use, you can expect your branded pens to make a better impression! 

Looking for other helpful promotional product recommendations like branded hats or t-shirts to maximize your return on investment? Reach out to Bry-Lex for insightful ideas today! 

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branded pens for company

Effective Way To Utilize Promotional Pens

The number one goal of promotional pens is to facilitate customer engagement and increase brand exposure. Using them effectively will leave a lasting impression on current and potential customers! 

One effective strategy is to distribute promotional pens at trade shows, conferences, and other large corporate events. These events are the perfect place to reach a larger, more diverse audience and leave a physical reminder of your company. Be sure that your logo is placed front and center in your design to improve the effectiveness. 

You can also include branded pens into direct mail campaigns along with other marketing materials. As such a frequently used household item, the pen will be a constant reminder of your brand! Additionally, consider gifting branded pens to employees as part of their onboarding process to foster a sense of belonging and pride and transform them into walking advertisements for your company.

Depend on Bry-Lex for the Best Design Assistance

As important as the quality of your promotional pens, we believe that open-minded collaboration and respect for your vision results in better final designs. Instead of slapping your name on a pen, our team-based approach to promotional pen design is powered by experienced creativity, respect for your budget, and more ways to create a captivating finish that honors your company with every colorful, executive, or classic pen style. 

While helping you bring out the best in your branding ideas, don’t hesitate to share other marketing goals with our experts. We can help you craft a brilliant promotional strategy, with an array of relevant and top-tier product types to grow your brand more effectively. Start with a low-cost supply of promotional pens, then we’ll connect you with other impactful options like branded mugs, company apparel, and multipurpose swag that generates customer curiosity and opens new doors with every promotional item you share!