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Branded Hats by Bry Lex

Attract & Grow Your Audience With Branded Hats

Brighter colors, vivid company imagery, and our trending variety of branded hats at Bry-Lex can transform your outreach campaign! Our creative catalog makes it easy to generate rising brand awareness, with over 25,000 baseball caps, beanies, bucket hats, and even holiday hat swag for memorable gifts and giveaways! 

From a foundation of superior materials and meticulous design processes, our branded hats are sourced for key characteristics like comfort, quality, style, and affordability. After finding the perfect look to accentuate your logo, our experienced design team is here to streamline every step of your innovative update. 

Branded Hats Provide High-Visibility Outreach

When comparing various options to improve brand recognition, consider how that item will be received and seen. For example, by gifting company hats that your employees and clients will actually use, it is more likely that brand awareness will grow organically. 

Beyond boosting awareness at special events and conventions with hat swag, our versatile selection of company hats supports a wider variety of creative outreach ideas. In your shop or storefront, sell a company baseball cap for retail revenue and lasting marketing value. For loyalty reward programs, offer a cozy winter hat and other innovative corporate gifts when customers reach a certain number of purchases. For other imaginative marketing ideas, get in touch with our creative professionals and explore the endless possibilities that come with our branded merchandise! 

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Custom Hat Design is Simple at Bry-Lex

As your branding allies, consider your vision highlighted with precision and refinement. Respecting your company imagery is a responsibility we take seriously. We are devoted to consistency with every online order. Our goal is to capture the essence of your brand, and we do whatever it takes to honor your ideas with the right colors, material quality, and styles to accurately represent the professionalism or theme you would like to present.

Every product is a reflection of our name, and every online order comes with: 

  • Factual Product Descriptions
  • Free Design Guidance
  • Transparent Pricing & Bulk Discounts
  • More Ways to Highlight Your Name! 

While brainstorming with our marketing experts, you’ll find that simplicity meets custom convenience. After choosing the products you like and sharing your image preferences with us, our organized team takes care of the rest. 

Attract & Grow Your Audience With Branded Hats

Our curated catalog revolves around styles we think you’ll love because ultimately, the style and wearability of your branded cap matters. Whether you go with a simple logo on a classic beanie, or you stand out at the next convention with a lighthearted holiday hat giveaway, branded hats are easy to see and provide practical value that everyone can appreciate. 

Branded Hats Provide High-Visibility Outreach

When you partner with Bry-Lex to elevate your branded tote bags or hats, you can expect: 

  • Premium Logo Integration That Lasts for Years
  • Accurate Order Quantities Delivered On Time
  • Ongoing Support Before, During, & After You Order
  • Better Deals Thanks to Our Reputable Manufacturing Partners
  • Insightful Design Recommendations to Highlight Your Logo or Message With Excellence
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Tips for Effectively Customizing a Hat With Your Brand Logo

Maximizing your branded hat visibility with strategic design decisions can make your imagery pop! But, with an endless variety of colors, styles, and logo placement options, how do you know which custom additions are right for your brand? 

Custom hats are our specialty, and we’re here to demystify brand appeal with the perfect customization. To bring out the best in your custom-branded hats, here are some helpful considerations:

Even the best logos fall flat if they are placed on a hat that’s never going to be worn. Before settling on the logo or font you like, we’ll help you find a hat that best represents your company’s style.

Contrasting or matching color themes can both be a great option for company logo hats. While exploring our immense hat collection, remember to keep your logo colors in mind. Of course, if you have your sights set on a certain hat, we can always adjust your logo colors accordingly.

Alongside a forward-facing image, many of our hats come with optional customization choices like alternative logo placement and custom messaging in any creative font you like.

 Take your logo to the next level with stitching, embroidery, and other imprinting options. Your new-and-improved merchandise can look better with an innovative imprinting method. Why settle for a bland logo look when you can texturize your brand’s name instead? 

How To Incorporate Branded Hats Into Your Marketing Strategy

There are a number of ways to utilize custom branded hats in your marketing strategy. More than just accessories, they’re great tools for increasing brand visibility. Consider distributing branded hats at trade shows, outdoor festivals, or corporate events and retreats. Events like these are the perfect opportunity to showcase your company logo while offering a unique gift that stands out. With an eye-catching design that reflects your company’s identity, you’ll make a lasting impression on potential customers! 

You can also include branded hats as part of a social media contest or giveaway! Encourage users to share photos of themselves wearing the hat, tag your account, and give shoutouts to increase online engagement. By making hats branded with your company logo a coveted item, you can generate excitement and attract new customers.

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Elevate Your Brand On The Go

For detailed branded cap comparisons, assistance with a custom order, or to design a mix of marketing items with our team, reach out to our friendly team and we’ll walk you through every step.